Wednesday, February 12

Mike Travis - Crowley's Ship's Store Assistant Manager, 20 Questions

How long have you worked at Crowley’s?
I started working at Crowley’s in the rigging department in the spring of 2009. Almost 5 years.

How did you first start working here?
Sailing has been a hobby of mine since I was 7 when my Dad purchased his first boat. After that, I spent a lot of time in boat yards and it was a natural transition to work in one!

Which departments have you worked in?
I started working part time in the rigging department and then as a full time employee in the store. Now I'm the Assistant Manager of the Ship's Store. 

What is your favorite time of year at Crowley’s? In the spring when everyone is energized. Everyone wants to get boats in the water and have some fun.

How often do you go boating?
2-3 times a week.  Wednesday night beer cans are great. I switch between racing downtown with Michael Argyelan and at Jackson Park, where my family has had a boat for 22 years. I also race or cruise here and there on the weekends and will take the family boat out with friends too.

What kind of boat?
The first boat we owned was a 24ft S2. We ended up with a T-Ten and started racing.  Currently the family is restoring a New York 36. Until the 36 is done, we will continue to race the Ten.

Did you grow up boating?
Yes. I did my first Race to Mac at the age of 12 on a T-Ten.

What is your favorite boating activity?
I have a competitive personality and I enjoy being part of a team to reach a common goal. Naturally, I love racing.  I’ve sailed in 15 Macs with my goal of being a Old Goat before I turn 40.

How many Employees work in your department? 8

How often do they go to training?
We do frequent in house training.

What job specific training do you have?
My time on the water is the best training anyone in the store can have.

What certifications do you have?  
Safety at Sea.

What is your number one recommendation to boat owners?
Maintain your boat inside and out. Always think ahead and monitor your equipment.

In your area of expertise, what can a boat owner do to maintain their boat?
Always look for projects to do around the boat. Keep an active list of previous repairs and needed repairs.

What is the one complaint that you hear most often?
Why does Chicago have to have a winter!

What is your number one money saving tip for boat owners?
Learn about how to complete little DIY jobs. A little knowledge goes a long way.

What is the toughest part of your job?
Sailors using different lingo when describing parts.

When are you most likely to be found in the harbors?
Wednesday nights and the weekends.

What is your favorite winter activity?
Watching football and traveling to sunny and warm locations.

What is the best way to get a hold of you to ask a question?
Give me a call or shoot me an email anytime.

773-221-9990 ext. 345  - 

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