Wednesday, February 19


By Michael Argyelan

Boats get wet. It’s really that simple. Above deck, below deck, jackets, glasses, refers, all subject to the damaging marine environment. Mold, mildew, bacteria, and the like are not our friends. From smells to health factors to clogged fuel lines, controlling moisture levels in our boats is critical.

Here at Crowley’s we’ve discovered a new product that we are pretty jazzed about, H2Out. H2Out renewable dehumidifiers have two intended uses. One for fuel systems and the other for spaces as small as a tool box to spaces as large as a small boat.

Space Dryers

The units come in 6 sizes, are self contained, and leak proof. Each unit will last from 30-60 days depending on moisture levels. The leave no smell, residual films, or any trace other than the lack of moisture. My favorite part of these babies, they’re 100% renewable.

To renew, you simply dry out the unit. One of the best ways to rid the unit of the water absorbed is to place it in a heavy duty pan on the stove, on low heat, crack the lid slightly, and every few minutes remove the lid completely to allow moisture to escape. After a bit, you’re ready to put the unit back to use.  

You’ll know the unit is working as the beads inside start to turn pink. Once all the beads turn pink, you’ll know you’ve reached the end of the effectiveness of the product. The beads inside are silica gel and absorb excess moisture in the air. Silica gel can absorb up to 1/3 of its own weight in water vapor. A little goes a long way.

Air Vent Dryers

When fueling up, you’ll notice that there are additives in the fuel to keep growth away, or at least minimize it. We also put additives in during the summer and storage seasons to help keep moisture, and the problems it creates in our fuel systems, out. With the H2Out Air Vent Dryer, you’re one step closer to keeping water vapor out of your fuel system.

The process is pretty simple. Attach the unit to the fuel vent line (hose clamps included with each unit) and voila! That’s all she wrote. Using the same silica gel beads, the Air Vent Dryer helps remove water vapor from entering the tank. The smallest unit will protect engines with fuel tanks up to 60 gallons! For most of us in the yard, that’s perfect. Have a larger tank? Go for the next size up as it helps protect engines with fuel tanks up to 200 gallons! Pretty sweet huh?

I have yet to test these, but the products have earned Practical Sailor’s Best Choice 2013 Award as well as the Sail Magazine Pittman Innovation Award in 2012. After doing the research and writing this article, I’m convinced. I’ll be purchasing a couple of the small space dehumidifiers as well as a fuel tank air vent unit for my personal boat to be sure.

There will be a representative of H2Out at Yachtapalooza on March, 29th in the vendor area for expert advice and more info. You can also visit the manufacturer’s site here for more info and even videos. In the meantime, please email me if you have any questions.

I hope this finds you well and warm!

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