Wednesday, February 5

Let it Snow!

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Let it Snow!
By Michael Argyelan

Last week’s newsletter was all about the nasty things that can happen to boats during the winter months. The article may have come as a shock to some when you read things like inside boats developing cracked engines due to freezing temps when the heat goes out in heated buildings. This week I will cover the preventative measures Crowley’s takes to ensure your vessels are kept safe and sound. Enjoy the short list and please, as always, contact us if you have any questions about your vessel.


1.)    Deploys back-up, portable heating systems in case of power outages in our heated buildings.
2.)    Maintains portable generators for back-up power sources.
3.)    Performs electrical systems inspections to ensure safety of all systems.
4.)    Operates professional snow removal equipment to keep fire lanes clear.
5.)    Employs and trains top-notch staff that monitors the yard and calls our customers when we see something gone awry.
6.)    Perform periodic cradle checks.
7.)    Uses chained jack stands (all on pavement, none on gravel or dirt) to minimize slippage.
8.)    Ensures that no boat covers are tied to jack stands.
9.)    Stores 90% of the mast-up sailboats on cradles and not stands.
10.) Utilizes a closed-circuit video monitoring system that is viewed both on and offsite by Crowley’s staff (yes, Grant watches the yard from home when the weather gets bad).
11.) Utilizes an alarm system that will notify off-site staff via text and email that there’s an issue with security or if power is shut off to the yard.
12.) Performs monthly fire extinguisher inspections and has specialty fire fighting equipment.
13.) Employs service tech’s trained in ABYC specs.
14.) Has professional 24/7, 365 on-site security.

Crowley’s has you covered. Day or night, sun, sleet, rain, or snow, we are here. If you ever have a question, please contact us.

Let it snow!

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