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Product of the Month - Kanberra Gel

Kanberra Gel
Kanberra Gel
Kanberra Gel is relatively new to the pleasure boat market, but has enjoyed years of success in the mega-yacht and ship markets. Kanberra Gel is an air purifier, not a deodorizer that kills the big three (bacteria, fungus, and mold) that threaten air quality.

While big boats use it directly in the air handlers, smaller boats can use Kanberra Gel effectively over the winter once the boat is sealed up. A container left open in the boat once the winter cover is on, will slowly dissapiate into the air over the winter. Over the winter the vapor that comes off of the gel will have time to reach all of the hidden places where bacteria, fungus and mold can hide.

Kanberra Gel can also be used all year long in air handlers or ventilation systems on a boat. Also, bathrooms, basement apartments, and other places that tend to harbor bacteria, fungus and mold are great locations to use a tub of Kanberra Gel. Kanberra Gel will be effective in an often used room, although a constant stream of fresh air may dilute the concentration.

Kanberra Gel is an all-natural proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade Australian Tea Tree Oil. Kanberra Gel allows the natural antiseptic properties of the Tea Tree Oil to become airborne. As the air dispurses the oil throughout the boat, the droplets of oil attack and degrade bacteria, fungus and mold spores. Kanberra Gel does this naturally without the need for harsh chemicals.

Once you are ready to close your boat up for the winter, prop open all of the cabinet doors, pull up the floor boards and otherwise open the interior so that vapor can reach all parts of your boat. Open the appropriate sized container and place it on a flat surface. For boats up to 25’ use the 4 ounce size; for boats up to 40’ use the 8 ounce size; and for boats up to 60’ use the 16 ounce size. Keep the doors closed so that the vapor is not just blown out of the cabin.

Kanberra Gel will cease to vaporize if it freezes, but as soon as it thaws it will begin to vaporize again, so feel free to leave a container of Kanberra Gel open in your boat over the winter without losing any effectiveness.
Kanberra Gel Air Handler Placement
Kanberra Gel Air Handler Placement
In boats with air handling units, you can place an open container of Kanberra gel directly in front of the evaporator coils. The 8 ounce size would be appropriate for a large cabin over a season.

The natural oils that make Kanberra Gel effective won’t affect the color of any fabics or carpet and it is safe to use around children and pets. Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries by the Aborigines of Australia for medicinal purposes…and its modern common name came from Captain James Cook when he brewed a tea from the tree’s leaves hoping to cure scurvy. 

Kanberra Gel can be purchased at Crowley’s Ship’s Store. To purchase online click here. Contact the store at 773.221.9990 or email Michael Argyelan, Store Manager, at More information about Kanberra Gel is available online: click here.

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