Thursday, October 4

20 Questions with Jeff Strunka - Yard Department Manager

1.      How long have you worked at Crowley’s?  8 years
2.      How did you first start working here?  I worked for my predecessor, John Trojan, while I was between jobs for a haul-out season.  I knew John since we were kids in grammar school. Unfortunately, John passed away, but as things worked out the yard manager position opened up and I applied for the job.
3.      Which departments have you worked in? I have been in the Yard Dept. since day one.  I have assisted on projects outside of my department, but not on a full time basis.
4.      What is your favorite time of year at Crowley’s?  Spring launch season.  It is a challenging time but we get to see many of our customers.  The launch season is spread out over a longer period of time than the haul season which allows for more interaction with the customers.
5.      How often do you go boating?  I’ve been boating since 1985.  I scuba dive on shipwrecks for a hobby which has allowed me to travel to many parts of the Great Lakes.
6.      What kind of boat?  My boat was a 1969 John Allmand. Unfortunately, I had to put her down two years ago due to a lack of parts for the old OMC drive.
7.      Did you grow up boating?  No
8.      What is your favorite boating activity?  Scuba Diving
9.      How many operators work in your department?  Our department requires skilled operators for the following equipment: Travelift, Bobcat, forklift, Taylor & boatlifts.  We have 5 full time operators.
10.  How often do they go to training?  They get hands on experience nearly every day of the year.
11.  What job specific training do you have? Becoming proficient at operating each piece of equipment take many hours of operation, so equipment specific training is developed on the job.
12.  What certifications do you have?  In-house certification for our equipment.
13.  What is your number one recommendation to boat owners? Pull the thru-hull transducers out and put blank plugs in before the boat gets hauled. Every boat is different under water which makes finding the transducer so it doesn’t get caught in the Travelift sling a time consuming process.
14.  In your area of expertise, what can a boat owner do to maintain their boat?  Help us make sure the cradle is in good condition. We try to inspect each cradle during the winter when the boats are on their cradle, but with over a 1000 cradles in the yard, some problems may slip through. We have full welding capability to handle any special needs.
15.  What is the owner complaint that you hear most often?  My boat is really dirty!
16.  What is your number one money saving tip for boat owners?  Make sure your cradle is properly supporting your boat.  It spends nearly half of its life sitting on it.
17.  What is the toughest part of your job?  Letting temporary workers go after they have been trained and have done a great job for me for the haul or launch season.  Telling them good-bye is always tough.
18.  When are you most likely to be found in the harbors?  My time is basically limited to the yard.
19.  What is your favorite winter activity? Snow skiing. 
20.  What is the best way to get a hold of you to ask a question?  Call me on my direct phone number at work (773) 364-1312.

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