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20 Questions with Kathy Lindt - Installation Department Manager

Kathy Lindt - Installation Department Manager
Kathy Lindt

Introductions to John StHow long have you worked at Crowley’s? 20 years last April.

How did you first start working here? I wanted a job working with my hands, and I've always loved the water, so I applied in spring for seasonal work.

Which departments have you worked in? I started in the Yard Department under John Trojan, and a few years later I went into the Installation Department as an apprentice.

What is your favorite time of year at Crowley’s? Definitely Spring, that is the pinnacle time here.

How often do you go boating? Not as much as I'd like, but mainly when I visit family in Michigan over the summer.

What kind of boat? Well, if I had my choice, it would be a canoe.

Did you grow up boating? I spent most of my summers up north in Michigan at my family's lake cabin. We would spend our days water skiing, tubing, fishing, canoeing, and exploring every nook and cranny of the lake.

What is your favorite boating activity? I would say fishing and exploring inland lakes and rivers.

How many technicians work in your department? Three full-time and we usually hire a couple extra in the Spring.

How often do they go to training? Every winter we attend various training offered by some of our vendors, as well as ABYC [American Boat and Yacht Council-ABYC sets standards for boat manufacturers and repairers] training.

What job specific training do you have? That's hard to say considering the full range of what the Installation Department does, but I would say my art degree has gone to some good use in developing creative solutions and using analytical thinking to repair boats.

What certifications do you have? I have been certified ABYC Electrical Technician, currently I am a NMEA [National Marine Electronics Association] Certified Installer, as well as, Garmin & Raymarine Authorized Installer.

What is your number one recommendation to boat owners? Right now would be updating your shore power system with ELCI - which stands for Electrical Leakage Circuit Interrupter. It will shut down the power to your boat if a low level fault occurs preventing stray current leakage into the water. This makes a lot of sense from a safety stand point, and you'll find it is now standard on all new boats being built.

In your area of expertise, what can a boat owner do to maintain their boat? Considering how often we as a department end up in many areas of a boat you wouldn't normally think about, the thing that comes to mind is cleanliness. Keeping things clean and orderly can cut down on repairs and their associated costs.

What is the owner complaint that you hear most often? The head isn't working and I have people invited to the boat. I need it working by the weekend.

What is your number one money saving tip for boat owners? Reseal your chainplates regularly. A leaking chainplate over time can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

What is the toughest part of your job? I strive to meet boat owner's deadlines on jobs, so when I can't get the job done on time making that call is hard for me.

When are you most likely to be found in the harbors? During harbor call season - summertime.

What is your favorite winter activity? Vacationing to a warm beach-side destination.

What is the best way to get a hold of you to ask a question? Email is probably the best:

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