Tuesday, January 21

Selden - The Goods, by Jon Paige

Selden Mast introduced the Furlex range of headsail furlers in 1983 and after several updates is still one of the most reliable and highly recommended furlers available.  Indeed, the Furlex 300 series has just been updated with the launch of the 304S which still includes all the features that make Furlex so reliable, but with an improved design which uses more composite materials to reduce weight, a shorter halyard swivel and lower tack attachment point.  Furlex has been awarded Practical Sailor Magazine’s Best Choice and is the Furler we recommend for any boat.

Spinaker furling is still a relatively new idea which has trickled down from Grand Prix raceboats but is gaining more popularity for the cruising sailor.  Many cruisers don’t even bother to have a spinnaker in their sail inventory because of the hassle of setting and dousing these large sails and the requirement of at least 3 or 4 people to do it.  Top-down spinnaker furlers are changing this perception and making sailing with a spinnaker pleasant and much easier, without needing a football team-sized crew to handle it!  Selden’s GX Top-down furler enables any asymmetric spinnaker or cruising chute to be furled easily, making spinnaker sailing attractive once again.

The idea is simple; the sail is stowed already furled onto the system and is hoisted on the spinnaker halyard at any time before you need to use it, even at the dock.  When you wish to set the spinnaker, un-cleat the furling line and pull on the sheet.  When you need to douse the sail, instead of dropping the sail (usually into the water), ease the sheet and pull the furling line.  The tensioned “torque line”, which runs between the drum and halyard swivel, transfers the furling action to the head of the sail first, hence the term “top-down”.  The sail furls safely without drama and the system can be lowered easily when convenient.  For a better demonstration, stop by the Selden Mast booth or click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1jEvtoMh-A to see the system in action.

Asymmetric spinnakers are normally tacked down forward of the headstay attachment.  On some boats a long anchor roller assembly can enable the sail to be tacked far enough away from the headstay to enable it to be flown without interference from the pulpit or headsail furler.  However, the sail becomes more effective the further forward the tack is.  Selden’s bowsprit kit is easily installed on most boats, is retractable and removable, and does not require any major modifications to be done to the foredeck in order for it to work.  When used with the GX furler, you get an efficient, easy-to-use spinnaker system.  Four different types of bow bracket are available and the inboard end secures to one of two folding padeyes.

Come and check out the entire Selden range at the show and get 25% off Furlex S, GX furlers and Bowsprit kits when you place an order at the show.

Strictly Sail, Booth 344

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Nice Report Jono! That will be my Furler of choice.

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