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But Wait, There's More!

But Wait, There’s More!
By Michael Argyelan

If you’ve ever been to Strictly Sail Chicago and come by the Crowley’s booth, you’ve certainly seen that we carry tons of safety items, foul weather gear, shoes, etc. This year in conjunction with the service booth, we are excited to bring more maintenance items. The Crowley’s main booth will now feature Epifanes varnish, West Systems Epoxy solutions, and Kiwi grip along with a few key support items.

Epifanes is known around the world and certainly the preferred varnish of Jane Parker, the varnish expert around Crowley’s. Their Clear Varnish is a traditional marine varnish and based on tung oil, phenolic-modified alkyd resins and maximum U.V. absorbers. If you’ve ever seen a Hinkley with bright work that you could use as a mirror, it’s quite likely that the user applied Epifanes Clear Varnish.

Other Epifanes wood treatment products at the show include Rapidclear, Rapidcoat, Rubbed Effect, Wood Finish, Wood Finish Matte, thinners and specialty brushes.  “Rapidclear offers quick and easy wood protection without the hassle of sanding in between coats. It’s a one-component clear wood finish based on modified alkyd/urethane resin.” Rapidclear can be applied every 5-6 hours and maintenance is easy. Rapidcoat is similar to Rapidclear with the exception of a slight tint to the finish giving it a warm color. Both products bond well to oily woods like teak and help prevent discoloration.

Rubbed Effect Varnish is a one-component interior varnish based on urethane alkyd resins and gives a rich, clear amber satin finish. To get this kind of finish with traditional varnish, you’d have to literally rub the varnish with rags to get a custom satin rubbed effect. Rubbed Effect Varnish by Epifanes takes the elbow grease out of the process. To get the maximum effect, apply two coats of Rubbed Effect over several coats of Clear Varnish.

Wood Finish Gloss and Matte are the ultimate varnishes, without sanding. Both products are specifically formulated for oily woods like teak. The Gloss version has an ultra high gloss finish identical in appearance to the Clear Varnish. The Matte version looks its best when applied over multiple coats of Wood Finish Gloss or one of the Clear varnishes. It has a rich matte finish similar to being hand rubbed. Of course the real beauty of this product is no sanding between coats, as long as you re-coat within 72 hours. If you don’t put on another coat in the 72 hour window, only a light sanding is required. 

If you’ve ever thought about putting on new non-skid on your slippery, faded, and worn out deck but don’t want the expense of a professionally applied system, you need to discover the wonder that is Kiwi Grip. Kiwi Grip is 100% do-it-yourself friendly. I did it, so it must be easy!

The application process is easy. Clean the deck of any oils, dirt, or grime. Tape off and cover anything you don’t want the product to get on, get a can of Kiwi Grip, trowel it on, and use the special roller to the desired grip.
If you’ve ever seen a textured ceiling, you’ve essentially seen the effects of Kiwi Grip. The thick consistency of the product along with the special roller truly allows the user to get the consistency and grip they desire. You can be very aggressive with the grip in some areas and less in others. It’s a truly customizable product.

Some of the other attributes that I love about the product is that its water based, non-toxic, and so easy to clean up. I put Kiwi Grip on my boat last spring prior to launch and it’s been fantastic. I’ve sailed on super hot days in bare feet, in nasty storms with big waves, and have never heard a complaint from passenger or crew. We will bring a sample of the finished product to the show for you to check out.

West Systems epoxy is a, “versatile, 2-part, marine-grade epoxy that bonds and coats fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics, and other composite materials to provide superior strength and moisture resistance.” West Systems is used for boat building including super yachts, household repairs, restoration, and even in high-end crafts and works of art. The superior bonding strength and reliability make it known around the world as the premium marine epoxy solution.

We will have epoxies, fillers, how-to books, and supplemental materials to get you on the right track for your project. There’s so much product and so many options that no one newsletter can cover all the material. You’ll just have to come to the booth and ask the experts!

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