Friday, March 13


By Michael Argyelan

It’s going to be above 60 degrees today. The ice on the southern end of the lake is melting. The sun is shining. Local scholastic sailors start sailing next weekend. Chicago Yacht Club Frostbite Series starts March 22nd (details here). In early to mid April the perch begin to run and the fishing season begins. Yes, it’s that time of year to really dig in and get ready to go boating! I’m a little excited. It happens.

One of the first things we do to get ready to sail is prep the hull with a good wash and wax. Some of us have newer, shiny hulls that simply need a quick touch up. Others may have older hulls that need a little more work. Want to know the best way to revive an older, tired, chalky hull or to maintain that glorious shine? Come to the aptly named “Care and Maintenance of your Gelcoat Surfaces” seminar during Yachtapalooza. The seminar begins at 9am and is hosted by John Spies and Matt Markiewicz (aka Matty) in the Fiberglass Shop. Check out the full Yachtapalooza Seminar here.

If you’re new to sailing or have a friend looking to learn, check out Corinthian Yacht Club’s Crew School. There is very limited space for this course. Check out the website here.

What: Learn basic to intermediate crewing skills for Lake Michigan - many opportunities to race or cruise.
Who: 18 years and up
Cost: $140 includes book and materials
When: 5 consecutive Wednesdays 7-9:00pm April 9 - May 21, 2014
Where: Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club 601 W Montrose Drive (east of Lake Shore Drive) 

If you’re ready to go boating in early May, you really, really should participate in the Dash to the Dock Race. Well, it’s not much of a race. It’s more of a rally than a race and it’s a lot of fun.

It’s May 9th and open to all sailing vessels. Motor vessels are encouraged to join in the fun with a "blackjack run" (a pared down poker run), accompany the fleet and peel off for informal drag-races with each other. Don’t forget to join us at the party!

The party is complete with food and beverages at the Columbia Yacht Club Dock in Monroe Harbor. Dock space will be available during the party for guests who would rather complete the trip to their slips on full stomachs. Yacht Clubs in other harbors have expressed interest in hosting their own parties, so please check with your closest yacht club for details.

For more information and to register for what’s going to be fun and relaxing trip to the harbors, visit You can also visit the Facebook Page here

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