Thursday, December 4

Extra! Extra!

By Michael Argyelan

Clogged fuel filters and oil filters, broken belts, failed impellers; all can change the perfect day on the water into a total nightmare. If you plan ahead, the nightmare transforms into a mere nuisance. Engine spares, you want them. You need them. Let us help.

I was working with one of our mechanics and putting together an engine spare parts kit for one of our customers and he had a great idea, let’s offer engine spares kits to everyone. I carry spares. Do you? If not, let us help.

We put together a simple kit consisting of primary and secondary fuel filters, an oil filter, belt(s), and an impeller. Each part was put into a watertight zip lock bag to keep moisture out. Ryan, our resident expert mechanic, took this further and placed the parts in a dry bag. We tagged the bag with the appropriate and obvious label, “Spare Parts Kit.”

Want us to make one for your boat? Contact me with your engine information as well as your primary filter info (if applicable) and I’ll put one together ready for your spring launch. Call me before the end of the year and I’ll take 10% off your whole order.

When you winterize your boat, use the spares and replace them to keep the spares fresh. If we winterize your boat, let us know you have spares on board and we will use and replace them for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Stay warm, friends.

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