Tuesday, August 26

The Grind

By Michael Argyelan

The American work force has been celebrated nationally on Labor Day since June 28, 1894. That’s 120 years celebrating hard work of extraordinary citizens and non-citizens alike to create our roads, buildings, pipelines, and so much more. For many Labor Day is an opportunity to spend time with our families and friends. Not everyone has this luxury.

If you have the day off on Monday and run into anyone working, thank them. When you drive past the harbors or your favorite skyscraper, remember it took hundreds of thousands of laborers working in incredibly dangerous conditions to make Chicago and the rest of the cities across the country functional and beautiful. As we sail across the lake or spend time with family, remember to have a sense of gratitude. For those of us not working, someone else likely is.

Below I’ve posted a couple of links on the history of Labor Day including a short bit on the history of Rosie the Riveter. If you’re sailing in the Tri/Bi State race this weekend, best of luck to you. Sail fast. Sail Safe. Email me your pics from the weekend at mma@crowleys.com. How do you celebrate Labor Day weekend?


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