Wednesday, July 9

An Interview: 20 Questions with Production Manager, Andrew Spaulding - aka Spaulding

How long have you worked at Crowley’s?
2.5 years

How did you first start working here?
I was working at Brewer Yacht Haven in Stamford, CT. The real estate developer that owned the property thought he’d rather have a hedge fund office park on the property. My job search led me to CYY.

Which departments have you worked in?
My marine career includes, but not limited to working for Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club as a pump mechanic, dock kid in high school, race boat captain, an assistant engineer on a mega yacht, boat yard scheduler, service manager, and production manager.

What is your favorite time of year at Crowley’s? Fall – lots of work to keep busy, but not the pressure of spring.

How often do you go boating?
It ranges from a couple of times a week to a few times a month, really depends on which boat owners are out of town!

What kind of boat?
Sail, power, or whatever gets me out there. I am gaining a certain affinity for power cats.

Did you grow up boating?
Yup, before I could walk my father rigged up a bouncy seat in the companionway of my grandfather’s sailboat.

What is your favorite boating activity?
Either total relaxation on a power or sailboat, or hard-core racing on a sailboat

How many Employees work in your department?
20ish, the number goes way up in the spring/fall.

How often do they go to training?
We send techs from almost all the departments to training every off season.

What job specific training do you have?
I have all kinds of paper hanging on the wall plus lots of OJT. I’m most proud of my BA from UCONN and my Navy Achievement Medal. Currently, I’m working on the paperwork for my Captain’s license since I passed my exams over the winter.

What certifications do you have?
ABYC certified in Marine Corrosion and ABYC Standards.

What is your number one recommendation to boat owners?
Do your manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance.

In your area of expertise, what can a boat owner do to maintain their boat?
Keep it clean and tidy. This helps techs find problems and makes them more willing to spend time on your boat. Also, don’t ever take a short cut to do a quick repair particularly when it comes to your vessel’s wiring.

What is the one complaint that you hear most often?
Why isn’t it done yet?

What is your number one money saving tip for boat owners?
Preventative maintenance.

What is the toughest part of your job?
Telling people bad news – i.e. “Your boat isn’t going to be fixed for this weekend”. I know how bad you want to be out there.

When are you most likely to be found in the harbors?
After a day on the water!

What is your favorite winter activity?
Duh, warm water sailing in places like St. Marten, Antigua, or the BVI.

What is the best way to get a hold of you to ask a question?
Email: andrew@crowley

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