Wednesday, May 22

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend. While you are out on the lake enjoying boating or munching a burger at a backyard BBQ or enjoying a parade, it is important to remember why we have the holiday.  Memorial Day is the day that we remember the sacrifice of the over 1 million men and women who gave their lives in the service of their country.  

The holiday started after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate soldiers that died during the war. By the opening of the 20th century, the honors were extended to all who have died in military service. Traditionally, on Memorial Day the flag flies at half-mast to commemorate the dead until noon when it is raised to full hoist to remind the living we need to ensure their sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

While Veterans Day is for all veterans and Memorial Day is for those that have died in uniform, I think it is important to give thanks to all veterans and military families on Memorial Day. At Crowley’s Yacht Yard we are honored to work with five veterans that served overseas during times of armed conflict:

Dick Gravengood – World War II
Bill Savage – Vietnam
Matt Markiewicz – Gulf War I
Andrew Spaulding – Gulf War I

Ritchie Geoghan – Gulf War I

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Marko said...

If you know a veteran, why not give them a call or an email this Monday just to say, "Thank you for serving our country."