Thursday, September 20

Newsletter Update

Dear Readers
Last winter Crowley’s weekly newsletter, Lakeside Story, was born out of a desire to connect the boating community in Chicago in new and different way. We discussed publishing monthly or weekly and finally decided that if we were going to make the commitment to the community, we would provide more meaningful articles in a weekly newsletter. So, weekly it has been.
Our hope is that you, the boaters of Chicago, are enjoying the newsletter. It wouldn’t go out each week without help from across the boatyard. Various people provide pictures of the week and ideas for the articles that you read. A couple of guys do the proofreading and without them, the articles that you read would certainly be more cumbersome.
As the end of the boating season approaches, we want to put to you a question. What articles do you want to read over the winter? My vote is to send me to the Caribbean to report on the winter boating activities there. Some have suggested that we follow some projects through the shops over the winter so that you can have some insight into the process of winter boat repairs. Let us know your article ideas and we will do our best to get them written.
As you have noticed, we have changed from our original format of structured articles each month. Having flexibility to publish different stories, I think, has led to more interesting topics. Hopefully, you agree.
In response to a reader’s suggestion, we started adding the picture of the week to our blog, The Crowley Advisor, in a larger format so that you can actually see what is going on in the picture. Keep the suggestions coming so that we can continue to upgrade our newsletter and blog. Also, send along your boating upcoming events so that we can include them in our newsletter.
Andrew Spaulding
Editor, Lakeside Story

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