Thursday, August 23

John Stanis – Crowley's Mechanical Dept Manager 20 questions:

1. How long have you worked at Crowley’s?  20 years last March.
2. How did you first start working here? I was graduating from Lincoln Tech and the job placement office set up the interview with Crowley’s.
3. Which departments have you worked in? In the Mechanical Department only.
4. What is your favorite time of year at Crowley’s? Back when I was still turning wrenches, springtime was my favorite time of the year. It is total chaos that time of the year and the job has to get done. Now all the seasons are a blur of paperwork.
5. How often do you go boating? As much as possible! Lately this has been every other week.
6. What kind of boat? I own a 1995 Maxum 2700SCR and a 1990 Switzer Craft SC220
7. Did you grow up boating? No – I started boating when Crowley’s hired me. The problem is I’m hooked now, so I’ll be boating forever.
8. What is your favorite boating activity? Cruising to different places. Also, introducing non-boaters to boating.
9. How many technicians work in your department? Currently 6.
10. How often do they go to training? All of our technicians go to various training schools every winter. Typically, we send techs to Volvo, MerCruiser, Westerbeke, and Yanmar schools every year.
11. What job specific training do you have? Volvo, MerCruiser, Westerbeke and Yanmar factory training…and of course 20 years on the job.
12. What certifications do you have? MerCruiser stern drives, OMC certified (out of production) and working on my Volvo diesel certification.
13. What is your number one recommendation to boat owners? Get to know your engine. The more the boat owner knows about his engine the easier it is for him to explain what is wrong so that we can go into the repair headed in the right direction.
14. In your area of expertise, what can a boat owner do to maintain their boat? Most important is for the owner to know when something has changed because this usually signals a failure is about to happen. They need to be used to the way the boat feels and sounds under their normal operating conditions.
15. What is the owner complaint that you hear most often? The engine won’t start. What I really need to know is if it won’t turn over, or won’t crank over, or won’t fire, or won’t stay running. This goes back to knowing your engine…if you can explain the details, we will start the repair process in the right place, leading to a faster, less expensive repair.
16. What is your number one money saving tip for boat owners? Diligence with maintenance. At a minimum do all manufacturer recommended maintenance. We have a saying in the mechanical repair business: Pay now or pay later and later will be more expensive. I can’t stress enough the importance of maintenance.
17. What is the toughest part of your job? Explaining why something broke. Sometimes things just break particularly on boats that are not maintained well.
18. When are you most likely to be found in the harbors? If I’m in the harbor on your boat there is something very wrong. Typically, it would be a situation where we need to get the factory involved in repair process.
19. What is your favorite winter activity? Stay at home and work on the house.
20. What is the best way to get a hold of you to ask a question? Email:

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