Wednesday, March 14

Profile of the Month - Boat Hanger

Ed. Note: The rest of the month we are going to concentrate on bottom painting...since it is that time of year again. This week our profile article is about our new "boat hanger". Our How to... newsletter is going to include some tricks of the trade and some best practices for bottom paint application. Our Product of the Month is going to be VC-17 so don't miss that issue. April is going to be rigging month, so send in your "Ask an Expert" questions, click here. Don't worry power-boaters, May is reserved for you. 

Our Yard Manager, Jeff Strunka, realized the need for an additional piece of equipment... something that could hold a boat for a day or two to help finish a bottom job. Previously, the boat would have hung in the Travelift overnight leaving the owner with a very short time window to complete the project. Bad weather or a material shortage could wreck the hang time project meaning a boat either had to launch unprepared for the season or it was going back on the cradle.

Of course, the boat hanger will also be great for our own use to finish bottom jobs. Our fiberglass shop is already planning on using it as a convienent tool to help finish some bottom jobs.

We designed and built the boat hanger to available for an owner to rent for a day or two (or longer) and not have the pressure of meeting the Travelift schedule. It is designed to hold up to 15,000 pounds with a maximum beam of 13.5 feet.

We had a structural engineer make sure that the boat hanger  will hold up under repeated use for many years. It was built on-site by our certified welder, Brian. We are hoping owners will use it to complete their bottom jobs better than ever before.

Renting the boat hanger will cost $200 for the first day and $100 for each additional day. 5 days (one work week) is $500. If you are thinking longer term project, let us customize a price package for you.

We realize that referring to it as the "boat hanger" is cumbersome. So we are having a boat hanger naming contest, where the winner will be able to schedule one day in the hanger for no charge! Limit one entry per boat; send entries to with the name of the boat, your contact information, and your entry!

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