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Picture of the Week

This week's picture is of the J24 Midwinters Race,  in which our eCommerce Manager, Daniel Martinez, is participating.

​If you have a seaworthy picture you'd like to see here, let us know! Just reply to this email with your name, picture, and description.

Dear Customer,

Welcome to Lakeside Story, our weekly informational email. Along with the newsletter, we are reinstating our blog, The Crowley Advisor. We have developed an online community for you, the boater, filled with great information and discussions on do-it-yourself projects and ideas, new products, and the like. Each week will cover a different topic and rotate monthly and you can follow along and participate in the conversation utilizing our blog.

The four topics covered in the newsletter are Project of the Month, Product of the Month, Ask an Expert, and Profile of the Month. Project of the Month will look at common boatyard jobs with specific details to help you with your project. The first Project of the Month subject will be cradle inspection. Likely, your boat is stored on a cradle, so making sure that you know how to identify potential problems is important to the long-term health of your boat. In March, our project topic is going to focus on our favorite springtime rite-of-passage: bottom painting.

To feature our favorite items in the store, we have the Product of the Month newsletter. The focus will be on items that Crowley’s employees have actually used while boating. Our hope is that our experience will help you make informed decisions while shopping. Please let us know if there are products you want to see tested.

The Ask an Expert topic is an opportunity for you to question us. Our editorial staff will choose an appropriate reader-submitted question to answer each month. We have a lot of marine industry experience at Crowleys, so sometimes during discussions we overlook things that are important to you. We only have two weeks until this subject comes up, so please send your questions into

In the Profile of the Month feature you will find profiles of customers, employees, yard improvements and other pertinent maritime subjects. Our goal is to keep each topic seasonally relevant as it pertains to the Chicagoland boating season and community. We think there are some interesting boats and people at Crowley’s are whose stories deserve telling. Also, this topic will also be a place to find out about the marine related adventures of our employees.

Each newsletter topic will be posted to The Crowley Advisor blog and we encourage your participation in the conversation. As one of our topics is “Ask an Expert”, we hope you will submit your questions to and join in on the fun! Thank you for your time and effort and we will see you on the water.

Happy boating,

The Lakeside Story Editorial Team

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